Our Vision

With a population of 109,135 Nkayi has been an area within the Zimbabwe region that has been overlooked for many years and in much need of relief immediately. The locals in Nkayi lack clean water, education, and sadly much hospital care. Due to the deficiency in the education system, this has severely impacted the lack of jobs and businesses within the community. Essentially, this has caused the poverty level to climb year after year now listing it as 96% making it the most impoverished area in Zimbabwe.  


Hope to Hearts is on a passionate mission to bring hope to the community of Nkayi, Zimbabwe. Alongside with you, we desire to change the trajectory of a forsaken community. With your help, we can offer the families and residents in Nkayi a solution. In 2019, we will be opening our Hope to Hearts Charter School in Nyaki, which is the poorest community in the Zimbabwe region reaching a poverty level of 96 percent. With only three major, secondary schools in Nkayi, it is our hope to provide the resources needed to bring up a generation of educated men and women. We would be providing 135 students with free breakfast, free lunch, and supplying meals over the weekend to impoverished families in the community. Since students will not be paying for their tuition, they must maintain a grade point average of 80-85 percent. To help achieve and maintain this average our staff will assist with one-on-one tutoring with students.  We will also sponsor our teachers’ salaries by giving them 10 percent more than what the average teacher makes in Nkayi. Nkayi, along with their education system is underdeveloped in their water systems, so it is our hope to dig wells to provide clean water for the families and students in this community.


Here is what we need to make this happen: By December 1st of 2018, we would like to raise $150,000 for the foundation to build a safe, high-quality charter school for grades Kindergarten through the eighth grade. We would need 150 monthly partnerships that are willing to invest 85 dollars into the lives of these students, thus sustaining the salaries of each teacher and the tuition for all 135 students. Your investment will also assist with other necessary resources (i.e., digging wells, equipment, school supplies, the providing of food for families in the community, and bringing much-needed hope). As a partner, you will be emailed monthly with updates of the entire building process and more.

Your giving can help change the lives of many students, families and entire community of Nkayi.


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